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Data Security & Disaster Recovery
How secure is your data? That is a question that most companies always answer, “Very secure.” But is that really the case? Firewalls and passwords are not the only means to secure your data. According to Industry Analyst Forrester, nearly one-third of all cases of malicious data thefts are performed by insiders with legitimate access to the network.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place? Hurricanes and fires are only two of the many causes of data loss or process interruption. Floods, power surges, power failure, server crash, computer viruses and disgruntled employees are only a short list of things that can impact the security and availability of your data and files.

At RRMac Associates we have helped our customers identify and close the “holes” in their security implementations and disaster recovery models. Our experience in Corporate Governance and Risk Management allows us to look not only at the data management process but also the externals that effect the security of your sensitive data and files. We offer a FREE IT Enterprise Security Health Check focused on one of the most overlooked avenues of data breaches, FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Reduce your risks, and ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your sensitive data with a Data Security/Disaster Recovery Health Check from RRMac Associates today...for tomorrow may be too late.

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