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Your Success is Our Success!

RRMac Associates was contacted to provide services and software to one of America's leading health insurance organizations that covers the insurance needs of approximately 7 million members.

Migrating this customer from Endevor to a Git/DBB/IDz/UCDeploy/UCRelease solution was a challenge, considering they had 800,000 elements, 200+ applications, multiple locations, on and offshore developers, and were under the scrutiny of multiple governmental oversight agencies. This was a multi-year project, and the customer was undoubtedly anxious about disruption to critical infrastructure, daily business, and of course, ROI.

By leveraging the entire suite of RRMac Associates’ SCM Analysis and Migration Solutions, as well as utilizing QTL to bring personnel on the project not familiar with IBM Z up to speed quickly, RRMac not only successfully and seamlessly converted 100% of their mainframe applications but modernized their entire development environment. This not only increased productivity and collaboration but facilitated consolidation of application development across all platforms through the delivery of an automated development pipeline.

How can we help you?
Although intriguing, the success story above is not an isolated one. RRMac Associates, LLC has successfully transitioned over 200 customers worldwide from a traditional mainframe development environment to a true DevOps ecosystem. To learn more about how RRMac can help unify your teams, improve collaboration, increase productivity, and align your business goals with culture, practices, and tools all while maintaining the power of IBM Z, contact us today at info@rrmac.com.

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