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Easytrieve™ to COBOL

RRMac Associates offers two different types of service to convert off the Easytrieve Plus compiler.

One option that RRMac Associates offers is direct assistance using IBM’s Migration Utility product so your company production Easytrieve Plus Code can be converted to Cobol. IBM Migration Utility allows you to convert existing or new Easytrieve Plus code to COBOL. Developers can maintain the code using Easytrieve Plus syntax. The following are some benefits:

    • You can save money by eliminating Easytrieve costs
    • Programs better suited to Easytrieve Plus syntax can still be developed
    • COBOL I/O handling is more efficient
    • COBOL coexists better with other languages and environments
    • All COBOL debugging tools can be used for debugging
    • The Easytrieve Plus developer gains knowledge of COBOL while still being able to code in Easytrieve Plus

RRMac Associates offers conversion support packages which range from mentoring and assistance so your team can run the conversion to RRMac developers handling the conversion process. Training classes which teach you how to convert and maintain the code yourself are also available. Workshops, training sessions, and classes are customized according to class size and specific business needs; train the trainer options are also available. If you are interested in discussing which option is best for your company, please contact RRMac Associates, LLC for further information: info@rrmac.com

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