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Software Change Management ROI/Value Assessment

RRMac Associates provides objective, independent advice based exclusively on an analysis of the customer’s business requirements and their current practices. RRMac Associates is a leading provider of Software Change Management Services and is product agnostic. RRMac has relationships with the major vendors in the SCM industry and is dedicated to providing customers the best solution at the best price. Regulators in almost every country require Software Change Management today, and they recognize that the security of a company’s systems starts with protecting changes to it.

The process of completing a SCM ROI/ Value Assessment consists of meeting with users to understand what their current needs are and what their expectations are for the future. Users include IT management, IT developers, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, System Analysis, and in some cases End Users of IT Services. This can be done in a series of small workshops or through an interview process conducted onsite or remotely. RRMac will audit the current SCM tools and processes. Analysis of the findings will lead to understanding how well the present tools currently meet the needs of the customer base. Using financial information the user provides, RRMac will provide a metrics that indicates current costs per user.

RRMac Associates will provide documentation on the findings and provide a road map to future growth. Recommendations will be provided on how to better meet customer needs and either maintain or reduce costs per user. RRMac will present the findings, discuss potential options and will work with the vendors to help the customer get the best possible return on their investment. RRMac Associates prides itself on providing real value through improving products, people and processes…all at affordable prices.

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