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Replacing products often invokes an anxious feeling among those who are used to using “tried and true” technologies. But what you may be missing by clinging to outdated methodologies, is the opportunity to modernize your environment, increase your ROI and bring your development teams closer together. RRMac’s expertise lies in integrating and/or migrating from legacy SCM products with cross platform, distributed tools such as Git and GitLab, thus enabling companies to meet the demands of a changing workforce without losing data integrity and security. RRMac consultants use custom built proprietary software and utilities to migrate artifacts into GIT, and exclusive software to synchronize and audit the existing SCM with GIT during the conversion process. RRMac Associates has been involved with the DevOPs revolution since its inception and was one of the IBM partner companies chosen to participate in the original Engineering Workflow Management (RTC) and DBB beta programs. Our extensive expertise in implementations, conversions, and customizations has yielded a proven track record in assisting customers with their conversions and integrations with cross platform, distributed tools such as Git, Jenkins, Jira, IDz, DBB, Engineering Workflow Management (RTC) and UCD. With our wealth of DevOPs knowledge, as well as extensive development and integration experience, RRMac can transform your greatest SCM challenges into the most productive opportunity imaginable.

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