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Analysis Utilities
RRMac has developed analysis utilities that review SCM metadata, application libraries, compile procedures, options, languages and file types. If no SCM is being used, the utilities will scan the application files to uncover the language types and data set definitions. There are additional utilities that validate the contents of the application libraries vs. what is reported by the SCM. Source to load integrity analysis is also done. Once the analysis is completed, details of the application inventory are generated for the application teams and SCM Administrators to review.

These utilities can analyze the following SCMs: Micro Focus ChangeMan/ZMF, Broadcom: Endevor, Panvalet, Librarian, BMC: ISPW, and IBM/SCLM.

Migration/Upgrade Utilities
RRMac has also developed a suite of utilities to analyze the library contents and metadata in the legacy change management systems (SCM) of SCLM, ChangeMan/ZMF, Broadcom: Endevor, Panvalet, Librarian. These utilities can be licensed to aid the conversion of members from one of the above SCMs to a new SCM. These utilities also provide solutions for upgrading the existing SCM to newer releases.

The Migration Utilities will generate and assign the appropriate language definitions for the target SCM systems, extract the physical members and migrate them to the new target SCM. Currently the utilities can generate ChangeMan metadata, ISPW metadata, RTC Language Definitions and DBB languages and scripts for artifacts being migrated. Migration to Git repositories is also supported.

The RRMac Analysis and Migration utilities can be licensed individually or as a bundle. Please contact RRMac Associates, LLC for further information:

Email: support@rrmac.com
Toll free: 800-759-7028 ext 723

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