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Mr. William Allen
Senior Vice President, Finance Administration

Mr. Allen is an energetic, experienced executive with a highly successful track record in receivables management. Before joining the RRMac Associates Executive team, Mr. Allen was responsible for developing comprehensive and innovative financial services and systems, resulting in productivity gains and reduced risks for several Fortune 500 companies. Once implemented, his unique business plans have resulted in dramatically increased revenues and reduced bad debt reserves tens of millions of dollars.

He is the recipient of The Managerial Award for the successful implementation of an M&D A/R package and has contributed to the design of several programs and processes; most notably an electronic drafting program, an automatic matching program, as well as dunning and cash application processes, which resulted in significantly reducing companies’ past dues.

Mr. Allen’s excellent interpersonal skills and business acumen enable him to work effectively across the entire organization. In addition to his sharp financial and data analysis skills, his ability to unify the Business and IT department with Sales and Operations is one of the greatest assets he brings to RRMac Associates.

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