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Ms. Christine Reynolds

Vice President, Marketing

Prior to becoming the Vice President of Marketing, Ms. Reynolds was the Director of Education and Technical Publications at RRMac Associates. She is currently responsible for the development and publication of RRMac’s marketing and training materials, but her strong commitment to education and dedication to instruction continues to help RRMac expand and enhance the knowledge and business productivity of its customers. 


Early in her career, Ms. Reynolds was a teacher at several parochial schools in the New York City area, where she routinely found herself the director of various school wide programs and committees. In addition, Ms. Reynolds was a frequent author and editor of Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Accreditation proposals.

Ms. Reynolds holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from St. John’s University, and is certified in a variety of fields; most notably through Tulane University Law School as a Corporate Governance Expert.

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