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Ms. Robin R. Macfarlane
President and CEO

An industry leader in Change Management with over 3 decades of experience, Ms. Macfarlane is the driving force behind RRMac Associates. Prior to establishing her own company, Ms. Macfarlane spent 15 years at Serena Software, Inc. as the Consulting Practices Manager, Software Developer and Senior Consultant directly involved with the design, development, coding, testing and roll-out of ChangeMan ZMF. She has successfully implemented this product in well over 60 customer sites and has written hundreds of custom interfaces. Ms. Macfarlane was also one of the developers of Serena’s Enterprise Release Option (ERO) and assisted in the rewrite of ChangeMan/ZMF’s Audit and Conversion Assist functions. In addition to managing several SCM projects, Ms. Macfarlane took her ChangeMan expertise “on the road” to numerous customer sites in order to provide Change Man ZMF User, Admin, and M+R training. More recently, she has developed add-on solutions for ChangeMan/ZMF and other software products with various business partners.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Macfarlane was the Principal Technical Associate at a major insurance company, directly responsible for managing a group of systems programmers, specializing in Systems Managed Storage, Data Security, Disaster Recovery, Change Management, I/O Performance and Tuning, and Capacity Planning. Her other responsibilities included analyzing capacity and budgeting for mainframes and storage hardware, installation of numerous ISV software products, and being an MVS Systems Programmer.

Ms. Macfarlane has had the repeated honor of being a guest speaker at several IBM Guide Conferences, where topics included IBM DASD Performance and Systems Managed Storage Techniques. She was also an Invited Expert Panel Member at the Gartner Group Conference to discuss Systems Managed Storage Implementation using IBM and various ISV software products. Ms. Macfarlane holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music, numerous programming certifications, and is a Corporate Governance Expert certified through Tulane University Law School. Her years of remarkable expertise and exceptional contribution to the IT world are what make RRMac Associates the thriving success it is today.

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